Our Program
Pre- K Program

With Kindergarten on the horizon, the pre-k program is crucial to the future success of your child. We provide a more structured learning enviornment that makes the transition to kindergarten almost seamless for your child. Our Emergent Curriculum is always changing to what the children are interested in learning which creates that foundation for a love of learning. We have whole group activities as well as small group activities where your child will get to participate in hands on experiences like: science experiments, cooking, writing, word recognition, art, building, problem solving and comprehension. The pre-k classrooms go on several field trips throughout the year. Parent volunteers are always welcome! The teachers and students also perform in an incredible Graduation ceremony before leaving to kindergarten. Teachers create student portfolios, so you can see your child’s progress throughout the year. A yearbook is also created each year for our graduates for lasting memories. Preschool ratios are 1:12. We have two pre-k classrooms available, both of which have two teachers per room.