Programs & Curriculum

Our Program

The infant program is flexible to the changing routines of every infant. The caregiver fulfills the need of each infant, following the infant feeding plan filled out by the parents. Music and sensory experiences are planned by the caregiver to enhance the environment. Outdoor exploration is also a part of the daily routine, weather permitting. The infant’s needs fulfilled throughout the day are recorded for parents to see upon arrival. The ratio is 1 caregiver to 4 infants. The classroom enrolls 11 infants to 3 caregivers and an aide. Infants are slowly transitioned to the toddler routine at 15 months and move into the toddler room by 18 months.

The toddler program follows a classroom routine which is posted in the classroom. Activities are planned daily and include music, art, and sensory. Language is developed through reading and social interaction. The ratio is 1 caregiver to 6 toddlers. At any time, toddlers can visit preschool program for planned activities. Potty training is first introduced by the parent and then implemented at the center. A toddler can remain in the toddler room until 36 months if needed, but they are generally transitioned to the preschool program between 27 to 30 months.

The preschool program offers 6 classrooms for ages 30 months to 5 years. Classrooms are opened according to enrollment and the needs of the center. Children are placed in the classrooms according to age and development. The ratio is 1 teacher to 12 children.

During, preschool enrichment from 9:00 a.m.- 12:00 p.m., low ratios of 1 teacher to 8 children is offered. Curriculum is designed to enhance fine motor skills, language development, math concepts, exploration and creativity through the components of Art, Science, and Sensory, Music and Movement, and Circle Time. Curriculum is planned following monthly themes that also incorporate letters, numbers, colors and shapes.