February 2015

This month we are going to be adding some new items to our menus. We are getting rid of all the juice and serving more fresh fruit in its place. We will be adding fun new things for the kids to try like cottage cheese & fruit, chips & salsa, cherry tomatoes, Trisquits, bell peppers, tacos, tuna noodle casserole, oatmeal & fruit, etc. So please try out some of the new menu options and if your child hasn’t tried it before, try it at home!

This month is Community Helpers Month. Please continue reading for the list of dates and times of our speakers.

Monday 2nd: K-9 Pest Control, 10 am

Wednesday 4th: Ambulance, 10 am

Friday 6th: Dentist & Police Officer, 10 AM

Monday 9th: Counselor, 10 am

Tuesday 10th: Mailman, 10 am

Wednesday 11th: Firemen, 10 am

Thursday 12th: Personal Trainer, 10 am

Wednesday 15th: Park Ranger, 10 am

Wednesday 25th: Librarian

**We have several other volunteers coming, their date and time will be announced.**

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