Miss Amber

Pre-K Teacher

My older sister once said to me, "you are great with kids, have you thought about working with children?" After that conversation I changed my major from Criminal Justice to Child Development. I attended Southwestern College and earned my Associates in Arts Child Development Teacher in 2015. While I went to school I worked with children teaching swim lessons. It was something I loved doing, and still love to do! I began working here at Charley Brown Children's Center in February 2016. I must say, I love working here! The staff is friendly, the families are great and the children here are amazing!

Miss Liz

Center Director

My name is Elizabeth and I am the Director of Charley Brown Children’s Center. I started my education in the field of Child Development through the R.O.P (Regional Occupational Program) in 1996. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work at several preschools, and I have learned many teaching methods along the way. In 2005, I was fortunate to find employment as the Director of the best preschool in town. I have a child like heart, and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I love our preschool, and I believe that the first five years of a child’s life are the most important for development and for a positive foundation in life. I have hired a strong team of dedicated teachers who feel the same way I do, and I work directly with the children and teachers to ensure the daily routine runs smoothly. I am proud of how we run the center, and I also appreciate being a part of the many generations of families that have blessed us with the opportunity to make their child‘s preschool experience the best that it could possibly be.

Miss Cassie

Assistant Director & Pre-K Teacher, Classroom 2

Hi! I’ve been working with kids for 10 years now and can honestly say it is the greatest passions in my life. I’m so thankful to be around smiling face’s, and sticky hugs everyday! Preschool is an exciting time as children embark upon new adventures in the world of learning and important transitions. I try my best to create a learning experience that is fun and safe with an exciting environment. I love to be adventurous, and always striving to live a happy, healthy, loving life style. I’m a big kid at heart and fit right in with the kids I love to teach every day. Doing anything outdoors, or with family is what I’m all about. I grew up a goofy tom boy that was always looking for her next adventure. I love to inspire my students, and encourage them to feel as if they can be whoever they want, and to always believe in themselves. Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain.


Miss Stephanie

Administrative Supervisor

Hello, my name is Stephanie and I have been working here at Charley Brown’s since 2007. I have always loved children, so when I was able to get a job at a preschool, I just fell even more in love with the youngins! I have been working with children for a little over ten years now, and got my first job at a preschool when I lived out in AZ. When I moved back here, I came to Charley Brown, where I actually went as a child. When I got hired here, it was like coming home! I started out as an aide, then worked my way up to having my own classroom, and eventually made it on to the management team. You can usually find me in the front office working on our newsletter, the student’s files, answering the phone, or running around helping out where needed. I absolutely love my job, the children, staff and parents we have here at the center. Every day I wake up and am excited to come to work! When I’m not at work, you can find me kayaking, hiking, fishing, at concerts, cooking and spending time with my family, my friends, my dog Opie, and my two pygmy goats Huck and Finn!

Miss Brittanie

Supervisor Teacher & 3's Teacher

Hello! I have been teaching Pre-K at CBCC since 2011. I strongly believe that children learn best when they are in a safe and inspiring place where they are free to create, play and grow at their own pace. I am passionate about yoga, sewing and spending time with my family.

Miss Christy

Supervisor Teacher & Cook

Hello! I started this journey here at Charley Brown back in July of 1986. I have seen this center go from a handful of kids to well over 90 and have seen countless kids come and go over the years. I have worked in every classroom and with every age here. For the last couple of years of I have been working as the cook here, making all of the yummy and nutritious food we serve to the children. On my free time I enjoy gardening, rooting for Tony Stewart and the NASCAR family, as well as occasional weekend trips up to Barona, enjoying time with my family and friends and my two cats Abbie and Trixie.

Miss Sam

Supervisor Teacher & 3's Classroom Teacher

Hello, my name is Miss Sam, or Miss S. I have been teaching in the three year old room at Charley brown since 2013. I did a teaching internship in high school which is when I fell in love with the preschool ages, and knew this is what I wanted to do. I am currently going to school to get my associates in Child Development. I absolutely love coming to work everyday! It truly is the most rewarding job watching and helping these little personalities develop and grow. All the messes, hugs, smiles and laughter always make my day. I love teaching at Charley Brown and hope to continue helping your little ones grow and develop in a happy, fun, and safe environment.

See you soon!

Miss Sam

Miss Celeste

Toddler Class

My name is Celeste, I am 25 years young and recently graduated from SDSU with a Bachelor’s of Science in Child and Family Development. I was inspired to become a Child and Family Development major in community college while taking an introduction class to child development merely as an elective. I enjoyed and learned so much from that class that I decided to follow my interest by furthering my studies in child development. Prior to taking multiple laboratory experience classes in college, I used to help with teaching Sunday school at my church as well as take care of my disabled younger sister growing up. I’m very excited that I have gotten the opportunity to work here at Charley Brown’s! It is so much fun interacting with children that are curiously and constantly learning about the world around them. I believe that children are extremely affected by the people and environment surrounding them. I hope to offer encouragement to the children so they will gain their own sense of knowledge. I am a kid at heart and always will be after all! Besides children, I love giraffes, Disneyland, Star Wars and the Chargers, just to name a few. If you have any questions, feel free to come by and talk to me anytime.


Miss Vanessa

Two’s Classroom Lead Teacher

Hi! I'm Miss Vanessa and I just started here at Charley Brown in November of 2015. I have a son, Nathan, who will be 3 in April! He is my whole world and most of my free time is spent with him! I am currently in school for my Associates in Early Childhood Development. I started working with children around the age of 15 in my high schools daycare and I instantly knew this is what I wanted to do for a career!

The thing I love most about children is their innocence. I love that the biggest worries they usually have are who they're going to play with or who they'll sit next to at lunch. I believe that children learn best by seeing what is being taught instead of just hearing it. I think it is my job as a teacher to learn about each child and what form of teaching works best for them.

When I do have free time away from my son, I enjoy reading, exploring new places in San Diego and disc golfing. I am very excited to be working here at Charley Brown and can't wait to get to know each and every child!

Miss Hala

Infant Lead Teacher

Hi, my name is Hala. I have been working here at Charley Brown’s since April 2012 as an infant teacher. I truly love my job here at Charley Brown and working with the infants. I always enjoy coming to work to see everyone. Working here has made my life that much better. Everyone here feels like family and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am a very proud mom of two daughters and one son between the ages of 14-20. For many years I was a stay at home mom, busy raising them and volunteering at their schools. Most of my time out of work is spent with my kids. For fun I like to go out to dinner or go see a movie with my family. I love to make and drink my own tea and coffee. I enjoy being outdoors whenever I can.

Miss Jennifer

Infant Aide/ Floater

Hello, my name is Jennifer, and I have been working here since October 2008. I have a little girl who is 4 ½  who has been attending Charley Brown since she was an infant. This is her last year here before going off to Kindergarten. I really enjoy teaching my little kiddos and getting to know each and every one of them. I work with all of the classrooms and have spent time in each one from the infants to the Pre-K classrooms. I definitely love all of my coworkers as well, and boy do we make one great team! I enjoy reading, cooking, and hiking at Cowles Mountain!

Miss Landra

Toddler Classroom

My name is Landra. I have two boy’s ages six and two who are my life! We love to spend time at the Zoo, beach, park or Sea World! I grew up in a large family with four brothers and two sisters. I have four nieces and four nephews who I have been babysat since they were infants, which is where my love for children started. When I was 19, I got a job in a preschool as an aid and got the necessary units to become a preschool teacher as quick as possible. Once I became eligible to be a teacher, I continued with Child Development units so I could continue learning about the growth and development of children from infants to preschoolers. I ended up working with toddlers as soon as the spot became available until I delivered my first son. I love watching toddlers absorb information and develop into preschoolers! My son went to Charley Brown for just over two years and I fell in love with the school. I was very happy when a position opened up and I was able to fit right in here at the center. I am so excited to be working with toddlers again! I look forward to getting to know each of your children and plan to help them explore and learn new things each day!


Miss Liana

Pre-k Teacher, Classroom 4

Hello, my name is Liana and I received my Bachelors of Arts degree in Child Development in May 2013 from Whittier College. I began teaching here at Charley Brown Children’s Center in May 2011. I continued to work during the summers and holiday breaks while I was home from college. I enjoy working here because the staff is the most supportive in all areas towards myself and every child at the center. My passion in life is to teach and work with children. The main goal I have is to instill a life-long love of learning, starting in the early years of childhood. My philosophy is to individualize each of my students’ personal growth by letting them explore and develop at their own pace. I would like to thank you for sharing your children with me. My most rewarding moments are when I see in their eyes the realization that they have accomplished a new skill. I welcome your visits to my classroom for any questions, concerns, or just plain curiosity. I look forward to another great year with you all.


Miss Natalie E.

Infant Room Caregiver

Hi, my name is Natalie and I am one of the Infant Teachers here. I was born and raised here in San Diego and I am currently going to school for Child Development. I have a big, orange, fluffy kitty named Oliver and a kitten named Chip. In my free time I love to go hiking, watch movies, cook new foods, read and relax.


Miss Natalie M.

Three's Classroom

Hello! My name is Natalie and I am a three year old teacher here at Charley Brown. I have worked with the infants and toddlers here since I graduated high school in 2013 and decided to try out my hand in the three's this year. I am currently enrolled in both Child Development classes as well as ASL classes and I am working towards getting my teacher units and my associates in ASL interpreting. Since my passion s include both children and American Sign Language, I hope to one day become a teacher for deaf/ hard of hearing children and preschoolers. On my free time I enjoy kayaking, fishing, jet skiing, going to the beach and hanging out with my family and friends.