About Us
  • The Infant program is flexible to the changing routines of every infant. The caregiver fulfills the need of each infant, following the infant feeding plan filled out by the parent. Music and sensory experiences are planned by the caregiver to enhance the environment. Outdoor exploration is also a part of the daily routine, as long as the weather is good. Infants are slowly transitioned to the Mobile Infant routine at 12-13 months and move into the Mobile Infant classroom by 15 months.
  • The Mobile Infants explore more of an open classroom filled with lots of fun toys in the environment to help provide the basis for Emmergent Curriculum. The Mobile Infants start transitioning to the Toddler program between 20-24 months.
  • The Toddler program follows a classroom routine which is posted in the classroom. Activities are planned daily and include music, art, and sensory. Language is developed through reading and social interaction. Potty training is first introduced by the parent and then implemented at the center. A toddler can remain in the toddler program until 36 months if needed, but they generally move out between 30- 33 months.
  • The preschool offers 6 classrooms: the Two’s, 4 classrooms with 3-4 year olds and 2 Pre-K classrooms with children ages 4-5 years. Children are placed in the classrooms according to age and development. Graduating kids get to participate in a Graduation Ceremony, Muffins with Moms, Donuts with Dads, several field trips, as well as an added picture day for the graduates.